Polygon Powers Up Gaming Industry with 17,000% Rise in UAWs

• Polygon had a 53% growth in daily unique active wallets (dUAWs) last month, reaching 138,081.
• Hunters On-Chain, a Web3 adaptation of BoomLand’s mobile game, Hunt Royale, saw a 17,000% rise in UAWs.
• Partnerships with well-known brands such as Warner Music, Starbucks, Adidas and Reddit are helping fuel Polygon’s growth in the gaming sector.

Polygon’s Growing Presence In The Gaming Industry

Polygon is swiftly emerging as a powerhouse in the gaming industry due to an increase in user activity on its layer-2 scaling solution network. With over 138,081 daily unique active wallets (dUAWs) last month – representing 53% growth – it is now the second-largest blockchain gaming network according to DappRadar.

Hunters On-Chain

The success of Polygon can be linked to Hunters On-Chain – a Web3 adaptation of BoomLand’s mobile game Hunt Royale – which has seen an incredible 17,000% rise in UAWs over the past 30 days. The free-to-play RPG features NFT integrations that give it a similar look and feel to Minecraft and reached an all-time high UAW count of 55,300 on March 9th. It is possible that demand for this game was increased by its upcoming NFT sale on March 31st.

On Chain Activity

The total on-chain gaming activity fell by 3.33% last month to 741,567 daily unique active wallets; however games still accounted for 45.6% of DApp industry activity during Q1 2023. Despite this decrease WAX remains the largest gaming blockchain with 314,976 dUAWs in March – albeit 8.11% less than the previous month – placing it second behind Hunters On-Chain after launch on its testnet last month.

Partnerships With Major Brands

Polygon’s successful transition into the gaming business can also be attributed to its expanding relationships with well known brands such as Warner Music and Starbucks who are creating and hosting NFT initiatives alongside Adobe and Reddit. These partnerships demonstrate that development into gaming and NFTs is gaining traction within Polygon Labs -the creators of Polygon’s network-.

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