BLK DNM Leads the Way with ‘Connected Fashion’ Powered by ChromaWay

• ChromaWay acquires BLK DNM, a fashion house, to integrate blockchain capabilities
• BLK DNM will become a pioneer of ‘connected fashion’ – utilizing blockchain tech in the industry
• BLK DNM’s F/W 2023 collections reveal the first tranche of technological innovations built on ChromaWay’s ‘Chromia’ relational blockchain

ChromaWay Acquires International Fashion House

ChromaWay, a Stockholm-based blockchain technology company announced its acquisition of the iconic Swedish-American fashion brand BLK DNM. The acquisition is part of their relaunch as a modern, community-driven fashion house and marks ChromaWay’s first acquisition for the purpose of implementing real-world decentralization within traditional industries.

Connected Fashion

BLK DNM seeks to inspire more responsible behaviors in the industry by pioneering ‘connected fashion’, which uses technology to create community and responsibility within fashion. This marks the first meaningful use of blockchain tech in an industry yet to be meaningfully impacted by Web 3.0 technologies. The brand will reveal its first tranche of technological innovations built on ChromaWay’s ‘Chromia’ relational blockchain ahead of its F/W 2023 collections reveal.

CEO Comments

Henrik Hjelte, CEO and co-founder of ChromaWay said that “BLK DNM is a brand with an ethical mission and decentralization in its soul – it’s something of a borderless community already.” Toni Collin, CEO of BLK DNM added that they are excited about this partnership as it will allow them to bring their vision for connected fashion into reality with the help of ChromaWay’s blockchain capabilities.

Impact on Industry

The integration of blockchain capabilities into BLK DNM has potential implications for other parts of the industry as well – connecting users within traditional industries at unprecedented levels while creating positive behavioral change and fairer access. It may also result in more control by users who are looking for more responsible behavior from brands in terms environmental impact and progress.


The acquisition aligns with both parties’ goals as ChromaWay looks to transform industries through innovation while BLK DNM seeks to inspire responsibility within the fashion industry using technology. With their combined efforts, they may be able to achieve true behavioral change throughout the sector using blockchain capabilities integrated into products.